Friday, February 28, 2020

Recruiting for DCROTO XIV

DCROTO is the Washington, DC area's premier annual fantasy baseball championship. It is a 5x5 mixed MLB competition with a fresh in-person auction draft each year. There are no keepers.

The fourteenth year of DCROTO was successfully completed despite the ongoing pandemic and we have an opening for DCROTO XV, which will be competed among 15 teams.

If you're interested in playing in DCROTO this year send an email right away for more info. 

Nearly everything is covered 
in the Constitution.

That said, here are some f
requently asked questions not covered in the  Constitution:
Must I be able to attend the draft in person?
Yes. The in-person auction is a key part of this league. There are tons of leagues to join with online drafts where you never get to look anyone in the eye. The auction will be held online using the CBS platform due to pandemic.

How many teams play in DCROTO?
We're a 15 team league and are seeking to fill a spot.

Are any of the rules up for discussion?
Kind of. We are most open to your ideas for new wrinkles and adjustments after you've been with the league a full season. We will try to maintain a similar level of player pool penetration independent of the number of teams. There's a message board in the CBS league website that you can access upon delivering your membership deposit. That said, don't expect to change anything hugely- we're not going to become a keeper league, head to head league or start using minor league players - things have gone very smoothly thus far with the existing rules.

What kind of people play in DCROTO?
Guys ranging from around 25 to 50+, generally busy professionals working in the Beltway area. Everyone is competent and active, but also laid-back and respectful. The skill level is impressive - people show up to the auction very prepared, most with laptops and specialized software and/or spreadsheets.

What do I have to do to sign up?
Submit your name via email to - deposits are already being accepted via LeagueSafe. Priority will be given to previous years' participants, thereafter, slots will be awarded in order of receipt of deposit. Instructions for deposit will be sent upon your emailing that you are ready to play in the league.

How much is it to play? What are prizes? What is the format? What stat services do you use? 
See the  Constitution.